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New, or more like nothing new

2009-08-20 12:01:34 by Chimp195

Yeah well I have been on NG but mostly playing games, like Toss the Turtle, but yeah I can't make anything new as regards to music at the moment because I am useing a different computer for now but I am just enjoying the movies and games here sorry to anyone who was "waiting" for new stuff (although not manny if any at all) but hey it's all good.

Spams need to stop

2009-02-18 21:10:13 by Chimp195

im am getting kind of bord with people being spammy on my posts I try to take my music on newgrounds seriously. but as thats not the case for almost everyone who has commented on my posts they should try to get a grip because I do want this to be a serious thing for people to enjoy my music on newgrounds and it's getting very anoying to find that the only comments I get are spammy no dout this will happen here but this is just the time for me to say please stop doing it it dose nothing but take up space you probly won't but I can only hope.

can't make anything for now

2009-02-15 10:38:30 by Chimp195

sorry all but for now I am unable to make anymore music at least for a couple of weeks I was working on a track but im looking into a few things to help improve my music for your enjoyment I will get back to work as fast as I can but for now there will be nothing new.

New tool added to Chimp195's disposel

2009-01-26 12:42:32 by Chimp195

ok today I have added a new music tool to my music making collection it allows me to mix 3 genres Dance, Techno, and R&B ok now you may think what? but I have a sample sesstion on it adn the three mixed can work rally well so look out for it, also you can add you own recorded samples so I could record my own vocals, and insturmentals so you have the best to come Newgrounders ! (*_*)

It's here track 3 hope you like it. There will be more from the 13 track album but there will be some album exclusives to keep it fresh

Track 3

2009-01-11 07:51:15 by Chimp195

ok it's almost done im just trying to make it the best it can be. at first you might think it's crazzy but it was very exsperimental almost done!!


2008-12-28 07:58:21 by Chimp195

well I at the moment I will not be able to write any more music untill 2009 so sorry but the album should be around eventually. well yes so sorry but what happens will happen.

Track 2 heare Very soon

2008-12-11 16:06:16 by Chimp195

Well the socond track from the album is here and I will up load it soon so keep comming back to hear it I can't wait can you?? well it shoudl be good... the track is called "The song in the recycle bin" yay

The sound of chimp195 track 2!!

2008-12-10 15:15:40 by Chimp195

Ok evryone you may have hered "Dance to the drums" the first track of the album I am well into making the second I plan to release 3 more on here and hopefully put the albun on Itunes well hopefully... any way I hope you like it when it arrives yay thanks

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The sound of chimp195 track 2!!

New track

2008-12-04 14:36:42 by Chimp195

This is to commemerate my new track that has been deemed NG worthy thanks